About Sarah - SarahCruz

Warm Family Photography / Authentic High School Portraits

South Windsor, Connecticut

cruzsarah@yahoo.com         860.819.6001      join us on google+ 

I have a degree in Fine Arts &

a Blackbelt in kids.

My images reflect personality, relationship and connection:  who you are to each other in the best light. I capture your ever after and reflect back the tale with patience learned from shooting weddings.

I'm a fast thinking, empathetic, determined family relationship photographer, wife to a computer guru and 3 spirited boys.  

Conversations are my joy, so let's connect and figure out how best to capture what makes your family special. 

<b>Find a photographer you like!</b> You want a trusted advisor to pose you to bring our your best self not that bit of belly, know how to corral a group of kids, catch a great laugh without dirty dishes in the background and help you figure out what to do with all these photos. 

If you are tying the knot, Congratulations!
My wedding packages start at $1900
Family portrait sessions vary.

<b>YES! I do offer family portrait and wedding packages which include digital images. </b>The photos should drive you as I guide you to getting them off the computer & out of the box to decorating your life. What you purchase is completely up to you. We will work together to make sure you are happy.

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